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What Is Feng Shui?
Feng shui translates to "wind water" and is a bit like Chinese medicine for the home. Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice to balance the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood, to create optimal energy flow in any given space.
Before mankind changed the natural world by adding to and taking away from nature, there was considered to be perfect balance between the elements. As humans built cities and created structures, natural balance was lost.
Feng shui uses the luo-pan (feng shui compass) to determine directions, the ba gua (eight sections of yin and yang) to divide the space, and the construction year of the building to determine the dominant element.
Every lunar new year brings a shift in the elements, which can set things off balance. Balance is remedied through rearranging the elements and understanding how to create harmonious flow.
What Can Feng Shui Do For Me?
With a feng shui reading for your home, business, office space, or landscape, you can transform your space into a productive and harmonious one.
  • We will determine if your home or space is nurturing you and your needs by finding out if your building is in a financial or person-lock, which can limit positive changes from year to year.
  • Get a detailed map of your space with clear options for placing the elements within each of the eight areas.
  • Find out what your personal dominant element is and how your element interacts with others, what colors are most prosperous for you, which direction is best for each individual to face for eating and sleeping and working, and how your home can better support you and your family.
  • Find out what color is best for your front door, why certain colors are creating negative flow, and how to optimize each room for each person in the space.
  • Use feng shui to evaluate a potential investment before buying!
Many times people find a new appreciation for their home or space when the space feels better. If you don't love being in your home or in your building, you can and you should! Feng shui is much more than just rearranging the furniture. Feng shui is keeping balance with nature in a modern world.

Feel and look your best today!

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